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Dialog Control Units

Hummel TEMPSTAR Dialog Slide






  • Flexible slide-in technology
  • 16-ampere power unit integrated
  • Replacement within seconds in case of failure
  • Central control with memory function
  • Optimal mold protection
  • Ground leakage measurement


Slide-in controllers with central control unit:
The DIALOG series combines all of the advantages of the classical, single slide-in controller with the central handling afforded by a multi-zone controller. Available controller housings (see page 16) can be equipped with just the number of slide-in modules actually needed, plus a central control unit if required. Unneeded slots simply remain empty and can be refitted at any time.
The integrated 16-ampere (3.600 watt) power unit allows fast and easy module replacement, without the need to open the housing or disconnect any cables!
The DIALOG central control unit fits into any empty slot of the housing and allows central adjustment of any number of slide-in modules. All functions can be accessed and controlled either directly by the control module or the central control unit.

The front panel buttons guarantee easy operation. Both the instantaneous and setpoint values are permanently displayed. In addition, the setpoint window allows to display the instantaneous output power either in amperes or percent.
Ground fault, temperature deviation, overcurrent and sensor error are monitored and indicated separately for each control module. Together with the programmable soft-start function, the DIALOG series thus provides optimal protection for the connected hot runner system.

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