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Mini Control Unit

Hummel Mini







  • For 1 zone, 10 amp max.
  • Cost-effective compact unit
  • Mains connector with protective earth
  • Fully functional hot runner monitoring


Basic control unit

This compact unit is designed to provide temperature control of a load circuit. It is suitable for load currents up to 10 A. The control unit is powered through a 230 VAC mains plug with protective earth.
The unit is operated via buttons on the front panel, where the instantaneous and setpoint values are constantly displayed. The display for the setpoint can also be used to indicate the output power in either amperes or percent. Manual operation, standby and boost functions can be directly accessed via front panel buttons.
For highest possible protection of the hot runner, all possible malfunctions, like ground fault, temperature deviations, overcurrent and sensor breakage are constantly monitored and instantly indicated. Additional protection is provided by the programmable soft-start function.
The back side of the rugged metal housing holds two 4-pole connectors for load and thermocouple, the load circuit fuse and the unit's main switch.

Multi-Zone Controllers

Hummel TEMPSTAR Multi 6Hummel TEMPSTAR Multi 24






  • Compact unit for 6 to 36 heating zones
  • Modular design, thus easy to maintain
  • With mold memory
  • Sensor monitoring and power measurement
  • Programmable soft-start ramp
  • Process data detection via Ethernet Interface MULTI-VIEW


Multi-zone controllers:

The MULTI 6 controller series is available in practical 6-zone steps.
Its modular design with independent slide-in controller slots ensures fast replacement in case of malfunction.
Perfect ease of use and a straightforward display showing all instantaneous and setpoint values guarantee the smooth integration of these controllers into the production processes.
The alarm indicators only light up in case of error or malfunction.
This allows to check the operating state of the hot runner system at a glance.
Due to the presetting of the system's basic parameters by the factory,time-consuming configuration is not necessary - the unit is immediately ready for use. The mold memory enables you to store the settings for all of the hot runner molds and access these programs by a touch of the button.
A solid metal housing with powerful cooling fans allows continuous operation at maximum load even under extreme operating conditions.
The rear panel features separate connectors for the load and thermocouples, the power switch, interface and alarm connectors.
The temperature can be increased or decreased externally by the alarm cable connecting the controller to the control system of the machine. In case of malfunction, the controller stops the machine immediately.

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