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New hopperloaders for automatic machine filling

Hopper loader Z-KR3 /MSWith its material throughput of up to 120 kg / h, the new device by Amboss+Langbein fills the gap between the Z-KR2 (max. throughput 

50 kg/h) and the Z-F10 (max. throughput 250 - 300 kg/h).

Its special feature, however, is the self-calibrating fill level sensor that dramatically simplifies material management.

The new VA hopper loader version Z-KR3 is designed for automatic filling of hoppers and dryers. Manufactured in our standard high quality VA steel, the new hopper loader is suitable for cleanroom settings. It can be integrated with an F Control MS control system and operated as a vacuum-based small hopper loader. The maximum capacity is 1.5 kg with a maximum throughput of 150 kg/h.

Product Details for VA Hopper Loader Type Z-KR 3 / MS

  • Automatic machine fill
  • Small stainless steel vacuum hopper loader
  • Compatible with F Control MS control system
  • Capacity: max. 120 kg/h
  • max. filling volume 1.5 kg
  • Ø 160 mm
  • Cleanroom version
  • filterless design
  • Colour: RAL 9007

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