Longlife Screw

plaatjes/onderdelen/longlife_screw.jpgWith new screw coatings of a degree of hardness of up to 68-71 HRC (Hardness Rockwell), plasticizing extremely complex plastics does not pose any problems. These screws are used, for example, with polymers containing glass fibre or other highly aggressive materials in the metal or ceramics moulding sectors - in conjunction with high-wear and corrosion resistant bimetal cylinders. "We have established statistics to show that our screws have reached double the service life compared with those with powder metallurgical materials. In line with that, the maintenance intervals will be further apart. In addition, users can make economies with regard to disassembly, cleaning and installation. Availability is very high, the production flow has improved sustainably", emphasises Armin Groche.

Europe-wide distribution of Extreme Coatings products and services

With effect from June 1, 2012, Extreme Coatings, the Florida-based experts for coating screws to the highest possible degree of indestructibility, has transferred the exclusive distribution rights for Europe to Groche Technik GmbH. This ensures the direct supply of tungsten and chromium carbide screws for aggressive injection moulding and extrusion applications. The applied thermal injection method (arc spray method), using hard metals such as carbide, can double or improve five-fold the life of components. A diamond polishing method, developed in-house, gives the screw the desired high-gloss finish.

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